Why Collaboration is Crucial for Growth

Betty recently spoke at the Leadership Illinois alumni conference about the impact and potential of collaboration. Watch to learn more!

20 Questions That Will Make You More Successful

How did we go from working on a kitchen table, in a garage and renovated chicken coop to having completed over 480 projects in 18 years in a 65,000 square

How to Learn Leadership Like a Woman

I recently got an email from a female client in a leadership position. She was meeting with another peer sharing stories about their work environment and being a female in

5 Things You Need to Know About Working With Your Board of Directors

Even the best projects can have difficulty getting buy-in from a Board of Directors, but just because the process is painstaking doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Board members often have

Four Good Books for the Curious and Creative

Leaders are readers. There is a perception that artists are the best at being creative. In reality anyone with a curious mind and hunger for knowledge can be creative. Reading

What You Need to Know to Grow and Lead Your Park

Leadership is not for the faint hearted. It’s easy to get voted off the island if you don’t constantly up your game. Leading doesn’t end with your direct reports, you

How to Create a Healthy Culture

Is your museum or nature center healthy? How do you know? According to Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage, if your organization is healthy it has these characteristics: Minimal Politics Minimal

Can You Learn From Our Mistakes? Leadership Secrets That Will Help.

Throwback Thursday This month we’ve written about how to select an RFP partner, and still to come are tips on how to create a healthy culture and pointers for onboarding

The scope of work has been defined; the contract has been negotiated and signed; the Project Manager has been designated; the Design Team has been assembled.  And now, the brainstorm

The task of Project Management often sounds unglamorous when discussing all the exciting aspects of a design-build project.  However, the distinction between an average PM and a great PM can