40 Success Tips

I read Seth Godin’s blog today on how to succeed. His were truthful in ways yet contradictory. They certainly make you think. Here are some things I think are important to succeed.

Success Tips
1. Set goals.
2. Be willing to change your goals.
3. Be willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.
4. Be enthusiastic.
5. Be cheerful.
6. Smile easily.
7. Take care of your health.
8. Learn, understand and implement a personal finance plan.
9. Always learn.
10. Take self responsibility, no villain, victim or helpless mentality.
11. Contribute more than others; don’t be in the bottom 10% of your coworkers.
12. Follow your bliss.
13. Be interesting.
14. Get some hobbies or passions.
15. Travel.
16. Take educated risks.
17. Do the work to know yourself – self awareness.
18. Improve your weaknesses.
19. Participate: in meetings, in your community, in your family, at social events…
20. Watch less TV.
21. Get outside.
22. Be active.
23. Learn history.
24. Get a dog.
25. Self reflect.
26. Read.
27. Take time for yourself, I call it me time.
28. Go ride a horse.
29. Don’t assume the grass is greener at another job.
30. Ask questions.
31. Develop relationships and network.
32. Work hard.
33. Try new stuff.
34. Be honest, have integrity.
35. Be kind to others.
36. Learn to plan.
37. Be responsible.
38. Be dependable and reliable.
39. Under sell, over deliver.
40. Be happy.

Are you the kind of person you would want to take a two hour car ride with?

Taylor Studios at American Association of Museums 2012 Conference

Taylor Studios is happy to announce our attendance and exhibition at the 106th AAM Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo™. The event is one of the industry’s largest and will be held April 28-May 5 in Minneapolis Saint Paul.

While there Taylor Studios will host a celebration of our 20th anniversary. If attending, you are cordially invited to celebrate with us on Tuesday, May 1st from 4-6p with cake and champagne! We’ll be in booth #1011, across from the AAM Showcase.

Taylor Studios will be participating many events surrounding the conference so if you’re there please keep an eye out for us. A few places we know we’ll be in addition to the MuseumExpo include:
Sunday Evening Opening Reception
Monday Evening AAM Events at Como Park Zoo, Minnesota History Center, and Science Museum of Minnesota.
Tuesday Evening TEA mixer
AAM is a wonderful opportunity to rekindle friendships and start new ones. We hope to see you there!

Dang! 20 Years in Business

Yes, we have been at it for 20 years. I often joke that I started the business when I was five. Making sure everyone sees my youthfulness. Doing something with passion and love keeps me young at heart.

Malcolm Gladwell has coined the 10,000 hour rule. It takes 10,000 hours to be truly world class at your craft. After 20 years in business we have put in the hours to be truly expert at creating products and experiences that inspire people.

20 years = 7,300 days
20 years = 1,040 weeks
20 years = 175,200 hours

Imagine an average of 25 people working away at their craft for over 20 years. That’s over a million hours of fine tuning. Who do you want in your corner when you need to create an experience to inspire your audience?