Playing Tetris with Museum Exhibits

Sinnemahoning State ParkIf you have ever packed a family of five’s belongings into a minivan before a two-week road trip, you will know what I’m talking about. After our fabricators spend months building an exhibit, they have to break it down into small chunks and pack it on a semi. But none of the chunks are the same size, they have strange centers of gravity, and they’re rather awkward. Sometimes we have twelve-foot long tree trunks weighing 500 pounds. Everything is swathed in foam and shrink-wrap with straps and blankets like we’re moving house. Another similarity to moving is that it all has to fit through a standard door at the final destination – maybe a double door if we’re lucky.

This photo is from the Visitor Center at Sinnemahoning State Park in Pennsylvania. Everything you see in it fit into one of three 26’ long box trucks. Continue Reading