I’ve written in the past about not throwing e-waste away, but I wanted to share with you the progress being made on the next crucial step in the e-waste stream

One topic leads to another. While you may never see the large scale “batteries” I mentioned in my last post, we use batteries every day. Due to our technology having

As we pursue our fortunes in the Chinese market, one of the questions that always pops into my head is, “How do we get the exhibits there?” The easiest answer

Spring is having a heck of a time getting sprung around here. It’s cooler than normal and way wetter than normal, so we need some heating-degree days in a big

Of water, I mean. You may have already heard (and felt in your wallet) that bottled water is marked up more than 1,000% compared to tap water. This often makes

I apologize for the shortness of this entry, but I’ve been enjoying my holidays and avoiding the office. Catching up with my workload on my return has pushed me to

As a follow-up to my last blog about what some museums are doing to increase their sustainability, I’d like to list a few steps any museum or nature center could

Everyone can play a role in increasing our sustainable practices and environmental awareness. Museums, while often seen as unchanging institutions, are actually rather forward thinking. While it may seem obvious

As I huddle inside at the back end of a nasty heat wave, I have found myself appreciating cold beverages. More specifically, I have been drinking beer. As I took

With Spring showing up rather early this year, cleaning out the back rooms and garages has become a priority. Among the empty boxes and expired catalogs, you may come upon