Do You Want Four Times the Results for Your Museum?

Do you want four times the results? As the story goes, a single Belgian Draft horse can pull 8,000 pounds of weight. A team of these draft horses can pull

Holliday Park and Nature Center: A Fundraising Success Story

We loved the exhibit that was designed and built for installation at the Holliday Park Nature Center and we were thrilled when we ran across this visitor experience article. The

Welcome to our first In the Spotlight, Taylor Studios’ newest series where we will feature some of our past clients. We’re really excited to introduce you to our friends! Today,

When I meet someone for the first time there is the standard exchange of pleasantries which usually includes the question, “So, what do you do for a living?” And I

This week, I tuned in to the live recording of “How Innovation Happens” presented at SXSW, the music, film and interactive festival in Austin, TX held annually. I was really drawn

Video: What Does Exhibit Design-Build Mean to You?

A video in which Exhibit Designers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, and Fabricators talk about what exhibit design-build means to them. What comes to mind when you think about exhibit design-build? 

Do you hold yourself accountable to achieving results for your interpretive center, your visitors, your staff, your board, and your foundation? How do you assess how well you are doing

As a manager and person of authority within our organization, I often forget how things I say or how my facial expressions are interpreted by others.  I am at all times

Wanted: Exhibit Designer You have spent the last four to ten years fundraising for new exhibits. You’ve written so many grant proposals your head is swimming. Finally, the time has

Yes, Sketchbook 6, the latest addition in our sketchbook (brochure) series is here! Our sketchbooks have become somewhat of a collector’s item over the years. How many from the series