Do you have the best gladiator fighting for you?

Is your PM a gladiator? When I meet someone for the first time there is the standard exchange of pleasantries which usually includes the question, “So, what do you do for a living?” And I answer, “I am an associate project manager for Taylor Studios.” I give a brief explanation about managing schedules and budgets as well as acting as liaison between our clients and the rest of the Taylor Studios staff. I receive a polite nod and an “isn’t that nice” smile. I’ve often noticed the difficulties project managers face go unseen due in part to effective project management, which mitigates concerns before they have a chance to develop into larger problems. But perhaps this blog might change the “isn’t that nice” smile into “I had no idea!” wide eyes.Continue Reading

The Secret to Good Leadership? – Start by Avoiding These 5 Temptations

The Secret to Good Leadership? – Start by Avoiding These 5 TemptationsDo you hold yourself accountable to achieving results for your interpretive center, your visitors, your staff, your board, and your foundation? How do you assess how well you are doing in your role? Are you willing to look in the mirror and do the hard work of self-assessment? Do you criticize leadership elsewhere without looking at your own? If you blame, criticize, or play the victim, that might be a signal it is time to look at how you lead.

Through this blog, we have encouraged you to set goals and objectives. However, when we check back with clients years later, most have not assessed whether or not they achieved their objectives. The majority of our clients can speak to whether visitation is up or down, but the rest of the objectives seem to go by the wayside. Is it healthy leadership when there is no accountability to your exhibit objectives? Are you measuring whether you are achieving the mission of your organization?Continue Reading