FLEX is a Four-letter Word

Flex Time PolicyNobody likes change.  Well, pretty much nobody.

A while back we asked our staff what we could do to continue making constant improvements around the workplace, and they responded with “offer flextime.” We cringed. How could we coordinate so many individuals’ schedules? How would we keep track of when people are here and not here? How in the world can we meet our deadlines with people working odd hours? This was a certain path to Continue Reading

Coming Out: The Story of a Design-Build Firm

Taylor Studios, Inc.In the early years, Taylor Studios, was often a subcontract fabricator of other firms in the industry. Most of the time, other fabricators came to us to get bids for scenic work. Occasionally, a design-only firm would bring us on as their builder. In both of these scenarios, we were relied on heavily to do the final construction drawings or to figure out how you could build some very unique components.

From the start of the business, we had clients ask us to design their exhibits. For example, in the late 90’s we designed five galleries covering Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, Europe, The Americas, and The Ancient Mediterranean for The Spurlock Museum. Even earlier than that, a client like The Children’s Museum of Illinois would asked us what we could design and build within a very limited budget. It was more expensive for them to put a small exhibit like Our Body Our House out to more than one firm.Continue Reading