The Quick & Easy Guide for Awesome Interpretive Plans

You know the old saying – do not put the cart before the horse!   Before you can even begin designing and building your exhibits, your site needs an interpretive

Shave Your Alpaca and Conquer Your Struggles!

In working with our clients over the past 27 years, we learned of the constant struggles that museums, nature centers, parks, and other interpretive sites face. For a long time,

It Takes Time, Baby – How to Write Successful Exhibits

Writing is dificult. Not everybody can do it – sometimes you just have to except that it takes alot of practice. Their are many writing manuals out there, and you

Nobody likes change.  Well, pretty much nobody. A while back we asked our staff what we could do to continue making constant improvements around the workplace, and they responded with

In the early years, Taylor Studios, was often a subcontract fabricator of other firms in the industry. Most of the time, other fabricators came to us to get bids for

Video: What Does Exhibit Design-Build Mean to You?

A video in which Exhibit Designers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, and Fabricators talk about what exhibit design-build means to them. What comes to mind when you think about exhibit design-build? 

Most years, Taylor Studios, Inc. presents a session at the NAI National Workshop. We develop sessions with concentrated focus on the target audience. We ask the following question of each

Yes, Sketchbook 6, the latest addition in our sketchbook (brochure) series is here! Our sketchbooks have become somewhat of a collector’s item over the years. How many from the series

How to Create a Museum Exhibit: a 12-Step Program

So, you’re ready to create a new exhibit for your site. Congratulations! That realization is probably both exciting and daunting! There is a lot that goes into the planning, design,