A Visit to The Audubon Insectarium

I recently visited our long time client in New Orleans – the Audubon Nature Institute. It was great to see Steve Dorand again and tour the Insectarium. The Insectarium is housed in the historic U.S. Custom House. It is quite a splendid place. We began working with them more than a decade ago when we fabricated trees for their zoo. We have done work at the aquarium, nature center, zoo and insectarium. It is always high quality creative work and we are grateful to be on the team.

Our most recent work includes theatrical exhibits for the Awards Night theater and gift shop theming. It was great to sit with Steve and view the immersive theatre experience. Our trees, rocks, oversized leaves, animatronics and gigantic insect models, murals and more helped create the immersive environment our client envisioned. We also fabricated themed shelving and animatronic figures for the gift shop. Steve said when they opened up the view of the gift shop their sales went up. He believes themed gift shops increase revenue.

In 2007, we completed work on Metamorphosis. Wow! I must say the five models showing the stages of butterfly emergence are a piece of art. We watched the visitors look up at the ceiling to gaze at these models as they are positioned on a branch connecting two rooms. Steve said visitors have mentioned wanting one of these sculptures for their homes they are so exquisite.

In 2004, we completed the Life Underground exhibit. It still looks great and has held up well to millions of visitors. Unfortunately the earthworm no longer pees on you, since the GSA moved the water lines in the building.

It’s always great to spend time with clients learning. The Audubon Institute provides an outstanding guest experience as you can see by the crowds. Steve believes in immersive environments and never misses an opportunity to teach. Even when you are eating lunch, the tables contain exhibits. This organization is financially self sustaining and is always on the cutting edge of exhibit creativity.