Make sure that when you put your dollars to work on planning, exhibit design, and fabrication they are well utilized. We can help you get there in a complimentary diagnostic phone call. We ask questions to learn about your unique circumstance(s) and provide initial expert guidance to help you plan and prioritize. No lengthy reports or charts with big data, just informative exhibit consulting to help guide you along.


How much does it cost?

The initial ½ hour consultation is free of charge. After that you choose whether or not to continue your access to our experts for a fee, or we can recommend an appropriate next-step.


Who are the experts?

TSI is comprised of exhibit design specialists, interpretive planners, graphic designers, marketing specialists, fabricators, and more. Our staff has a combined knowledge of over 200-years in the museum exhibit design and exhibit fabrication realm. Whether your need is for fundraising media, an exhibit refresh, a few reader rails, or a giant outdoor sculpture, we can help you identify and prioritize a plan of attack.


Who can participate on the call?

You may invite whomever you’d like to listen in, but we ask that you limit active participants to two or three at the most.


I already know what I need.

Great! In that case why not take the opportunity to share it with us? At worst, you lose a few minutes, but gain a morsel or two of valuable knowledge and perspective.


Not ready to talk?

We offer a plethora of expert advice on our blog; the Field Journal. Or, head over to download one of our many resources that will help you make informed decisions.


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