Plan to succeed with creative problem solving, superb craftsmanship and artistry. Learn the breadth of our services from workshops to installations.


It is often said that failing to plan is planning to fail.

When you hire Taylor Studios for planning, you hire a facilitator, and visionary to help organize, formalize, and develop a plan that is exclusively customized for you, your staff, and future operations. From long-term, comprehensive interpretive planning, to simple support tools, our services are designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Project management


Interpretive workshops

Concept workshops

Interpretive Plans

Interpretive and Graphic Sign Plans

Community Experience Plans

Theme and storyline development

Fundraising media

The fundamental role of design is creative problem solving.

Is your issue visitation? Traffic flow? Do you lack resources or knowledge of materials? Our design experts and skilled craftsmen can offer solutions to overcome the issues you face.

When you begin a design with Taylor Studios Inc., we start by posing a simple question, “What is best for your project?” This means we start at ground level. We examine (and/or establish) goals and objectives, evaluate visitor demographics, stakeholder needs and requirements, logistics (what types of exhibits can you maintain and sustain at your facility with your current and future staff and resources), before we dive into content, messaging, and design. The results? A plan for innovative, engaging exhibits that educate and inspire, personally tailored to match your operational capabilities, and backed up by our five-year warranty.


Project management

Content research

Theme and storyline development

Collaborative workshops

Schematic design

Design development

Graphic design


Budgeting and value engineering

Interactive, A/V, and multimedia design

Lighting design



Do you want durable, worry free craftsmanship?

Our proven track record and professional expertise give you one less thing to worry about when you hire Taylor Studios Inc.

Why take chances with another firm? We offer decades of diverse expertise, proven methods and materials, and an unprecedented warranty.

Our turnkey fabrication facility enables us to offer you the best value for your dollar.  Our processes and methods are tried and true, durable, efficient, and whenever possible, sustainable. From woodworking, model making, interactives, and painting, to construction drawings, installation, and warranty support, our fabrication services ensure your model, artifact case, sculpture, or entire gallery is built to precision.


Project management

Construction drawings


Multimedia, lighting, and A/V production

Artifact mounting



Life-cast figures and sculptures

Furniture, casework and cabinetry

CNC capabilities

Scenic and thematic dioramas and environments

Murals and illustrations

Shipping, handling and installation

On-site maintenance training for site staff