The Freedom to Create – Start With These 8 Questions

How do you practice freedom in your daily life? How can you use the concept of freedom to pursue happiness, fulfillment or a better organization for your visitors (clients)? To

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With Independence Day last week and abundant summer celebrations, it only makes sense to think about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! To quote Princess Poppy from DreamWorks’ hit

It’s Time To Declare Your Independence – From Bad Exhibits!

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, so we thought that it was a perfect time for museums, nature centers, historic sites, and other interpretive venues to declare their independence –

5 Proven Pointers To Ensure Budget Success

There are common scenarios that trigger emotions to rise during museum exhibit projects. Emotions rise because these situations usually cost more money. In our world that can mean eliminating something

The Magic (of) Touch: How Textures Influence Perception

Think of the last time you heard someone say “everything went smoothly” or “I’m having a rough time.” We often use the word “hard” to connote difficulty (“this homework is

Experts in the Field: Lessons from John Myers

John Myers, Executive Director of Indian Creek Nature Center, shares insights on his experience in the field. Check it out! Taylor Studios (TSI): John, you have great visitation and community

Nature Nurtures: How and Why to #EscapeTheIndoors this Month

With that freakishly cold winter now squarely behind us, June is the perfect time to get outside, soak up some sun, and smell the roses (or whatever is blooming near

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We are often asked to name our favorite magazines and journals. What a difficult question! There are so many great publications about museums, interpretation, and exhibit design. But if we

Visitor Journey Mapping – What You Need To Know

Museums, historic sites, parks, welcome centers, etc. all have one thing in common…visitors. Visitors are why these places exist and have a purpose in the first place. A new focus

The Quick & Easy Guide for Awesome Interpretive Plans

You know the old saying – do not put the cart before the horse!   Before you can even begin designing and building your exhibits, your site needs an interpretive