Less is More: Why You Need to Simplify Your Exhibits

Empty space may just be one of the most powerful and simplistic design tools. Yet it can often be overlooked in exhibit design. Why is it that we are comfortable

A Glance to the Past, Inspiration for the Future

Before we get too far into the New Year I’d like to take a glance back into 2017 and re-visit the exhibitions that made a lasting impression offering new inspiration.

Designing Park Features with Interpretive Punch

A few years ago, Taylor Studios designed new nature center exhibits for Turkey Run State Park in central Indiana. My role in the project was as project manager, representing Indiana

Where to Find Rare and Free Images for Use in Your Exhibit

Having trouble finding free images to use in your exhibits, on your website, in your publications, or for one of your projects? Images – be they photographs, artwork, or diagrams

How to Infuriate Your Museum Audience

When I was young, I loved dinosaurs. I mean, hardcore. Unlike most kids, I did not grow out of the “dinosaur phase” until I entered high school. I was a big-time dino nerd, reading, watching, buying…heck, even eating… everything that I could find that included these prehistoric beasts. Need further evidence? Here is a photo of me – Jurassic Park shirt and all – meeting paleontologist Karen Chin:

Have You Made an Unforgettable Impact on Your Visitors?

One Unforgettable Summer: A Baptism in Interpretation at Gettysburg National Military Park As this holiday weekend approaches, so does the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. As such, I thought

Can Your Community Plan to Make Better Use of Parks?

Nearly all contemporary community plans emphasize green space and natural areas, including local parks. How can your community plan to get the most bang for their buck with parks? Take

How to Create Military Exhibits That Will Make an Impact

Every year, Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty military. We live in a wonderful country and have the freedom to explore nature, visit

Can Animals Help Your Visitors Feel Empathy?

How do you combine empathy, a story and remember those who served in our military forces? The American Alliance of Museum Conference was last week. Much of the discussion was

How to Make Anticipation Work For Your Museum

We know that variety can help keep visitors engaged. Can the sheer anticipation of variety do the same?   Recent research by a group of marketing professors might provide some