Inspiration is Everywhere! How To Move Past A Creative Roadblock

As a designer, there is always pressure to think outside of the box and create something original and new. This can be exhausting, especially when designing in a time crunch.

The Magic (of) Touch: How Textures Influence Perception

Think of the last time you heard someone say “everything went smoothly” or “I’m having a rough time.” We often use the word “hard” to connote difficulty (“this homework is

Visitor Journey Mapping – What You Need To Know

Museums, historic sites, parks, welcome centers, etc. all have one thing in common…visitors. Visitors are why these places exist and have a purpose in the first place. A new focus

The Quick & Easy Guide for Awesome Interpretive Plans

You know the old saying – do not put the cart before the horse!   Before you can even begin designing and building your exhibits, your site needs an interpretive

Tips to Design the Best Exhibits for Children’s Museums

We are thrilled to be attending this year’s InterActivity conference in Raleigh next week! This is the annual gathering of the Association of Children’s Museums, and this year’s conference is

Shave Your Alpaca and Conquer Your Struggles!

In working with our clients over the past 27 years, we learned of the constant struggles that museums, nature centers, parks, and other interpretive sites face. For a long time,

Less is More: Why You Need to Simplify Your Exhibits

Empty space may just be one of the most powerful and simplistic design tools. Yet it can often be overlooked in exhibit design. Why is it that we are comfortable

A Glance to the Past, Inspiration for the Future

Before we get too far into the New Year I’d like to take a glance back into 2017 and re-visit the exhibitions that made a lasting impression offering new inspiration.

Designing Park Features with Interpretive Punch

A few years ago, Taylor Studios designed new nature center exhibits for Turkey Run State Park in central Indiana. My role in the project was as project manager, representing Indiana

Where to Find Rare and Free Images for Use in Your Exhibit

Having trouble finding free images to use in your exhibits, on your website, in your publications, or for one of your projects? Images – be they photographs, artwork, or diagrams