10 Unethical Practices Happening in the Exhibit Industry

What are some questionable practices in the exhibit design and fabrication world that lack integrity and honesty? At TSI one of our core values is integrity and honesty. At times,

Visuals in the Workplace Can Make You and Your Team More Effective

In the 2002 article Read A Plant – Fast, R. Eugene Goodson describes his reaction to a report generated by a group of Japanese manufacturers who toured his company’s plant:

Four Areas of Focus to Help Hone New Staff

Did you read The RFP Template That Will Get You Results by Samantha earlier this month? I kind of wanted to steal the first paragraph! As employers, we want to

10 Steps to Handle a Mistake

*Throwback Thursday* Here we share insight on how we handled a…gulp… really big mistake. We employ this method to this day when we make mistakes, and offer this process to you

Matching Your Project to the Right Funding Source

One of the most challenging parts of obtaining grant funding can be matching the goals of the funder to your project. Done correctly, the process results in a mutually beneficial,

Every time I hear someone talk about lowest price or needing to be low bid I think of this clip from the movie Armageddon:

Soft openings or soft launches are common practice in the business world. It’s especially true for retail establishments like restaurants. In the museum exhibit world it is less common. It

Who out there loves a good warranty? If you’re like me, when you buy something there’s an expectation that it will last longer than a year. Most of the time

It’s okay. You can say no to a client. They’ll respect your expertise and vested interest in working with them to make the project the best thing ever.

Have you visited a newly-built or renovated museum or nature center exhibit only to find several exhibits already posting the infamous “Down For Repair” sign? Surprisingly, we see this quite