Frequently Asked Questions About Our 5 Year Warranty

Why is offering a warranty so important?

Have you ever been frustrated by broken down exhibits? Isn’t it embarrassing to have a sign on your exhibit saying “down for repair.” What if you have no budget to fix it? How do your visitors react to broken exhibits? How do your funders feel when they see broken down exhibits? It’s so important because these things affect your life and visitors in a bad way.


Why hasn’t this problem been solved?

In a world with unique one of a kind fabrications without the years of the testing that goes into cars things will break. Prototyping and testing is normally too expensive during the design of exhibits. Often maintenance budgets for ongoing fixes are not there. Additionally, most exhibit companies are not compelled to fly across the country to help you fix it. Even when you hire a company with a one-year warranty it is like pulling teeth to get them to fix the exhibits.


What is possible?

What if your exhibit design/build partner eased this worry for you? What if they offered you a solution within hours of you calling them? What if broken exhibits were fixed in days instead of months? Yes, occasionally you may still have something that doesn’t work quite right, but you will have the peace of mind knowing a fix is right around the corner.


What is different now?

The real trick is hiring an exhibit design/build partner that you can count on for years to come to eliminate the hassle of “out of service” exhibits. Taylor Studios, Inc. knows exhibits are supposed to have a long life. This is the demand in the industry and we fill it. Now you have a partner that will be there for five years after installation to correct any fixes. After 25 years fabricating exhibits we back our processes and quality and offer you peace of mind that we will be there for you to offer a solution.


What should you do now?

You should do everything you can to hire a partner that excels at cutting edge exhibit design and fabrication and also backs it up with a 5 year warranty.


Why are you offering this?

We bring you this offering for many reasons. First, clients have been hesitant to call if they have a concern or question about an exhibit we installed years ago. We want this warranty to encourage clients to call us no matter how long it has been since we installed or shipped their exhibit. Second, our exhibits are built to last. If there is a problem related to workmanship or materials we want to correct it. Third, given that all exhibits are custom-made, each is inherently unique. Although we test our exhibits prior to installation, unexpected use patterns may arise. Finally, the most important reason for this guarantee, is the peace of mind it grants our clients.


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers our design/build projects. Taylor Studios warrants to the original purchaser for a period of five years in the continental United States after installation or shipping. If your product functions unacceptably, cracks, leaks, fades, swings inappropriately, moves incorrectly, rolls around improperly, becomes bumpy with age, stops moving when it shouldn’t, is foggy when it should be clear, begins to shed, paint changes color under normal conditions, etc., we will correct it at no charge. If Taylor Studios makes the decision to utilize qualified subcontractors they will warranty their work as well.


What is not covered?

  1. We do not cover our build only projects for five years. Our build only projects have a one year warranty unless something else is negotiated.
  2. We do not cover audio/video equipment. We cover what we have control over in our production and design process. We will provide you with the manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. We do not cover abuse, vandalism and modification. If the exhibit was not used for its intended use, if it was abused (e.g. hit with a hammer, set in direct sunlight when directed otherwise, liquid poured onto it, etc.) or if it has been modified extensively, the damage will not be covered by our warranty. We will assess with you during the analysis whether it was vandalism. Even if it is we will offer a solution, so don’t hesitate to call.
  4. We do not cover damage by natural disaster. Our exhibits did hold up during a hurricane at Dauphin Island during the installation. Nevertheless, we do not build all of our exhibits to withstand a hurricane.
  5. We will provide you with a maintenance manual and maintenance schedule. If you do not perform proper maintenance as described in the maintenance manual, resulting damage will not be covered. It’s kind of like your car. The manufacturer won’t cover a car that ran out of gas, a destroyed engine because the oil wasn’t changed and they won’t buy you new tires.
  6. If warranties are provided by our vendors, our warranty may not apply. For example, most HPL vendors offer their own warranties.
  7. If we replace or fix an exhibit for you during the five year period that component will be covered until the end of our five year period. It will not get an additional five years of coverage.


How is the warranty service provided?

We will respond to a client’s communication about a warranty issue within 24 hours. After gathering details from that communication we will present a plan of attack within another 48 hours. We will work with you to determine the schedule, our approach and more.


What does it cost?

Our warranty doesn’t cost you anything. It comes out of our bottom line. Exhibits are meant to last five years and we want to assure you we will back our work. It makes us a better company! Yes, we will pay for our own travel, shipping and all the other things that come with it.

Design and built to last. We promise.